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Know Yourself Part 3 on the way

I have sent Know Yourself Part 3 along to DistroKid today so it can be available for release on July 2.

You can preview it on the Music page now, and pre-order for July 2 fulfillment.

First Play - Running Between the Raindrops

I recorded this first playthrough of a new song Saturday directly to iphone.

I have added a 3rd verse, and it continues to be refined as hone it to complete.  New recording to Soundcloud soon.

Based on instagram voting I…

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Release plan with Song by Release

Here are the releases planned for each song:

  1. Know Yourself Part 1 - May 14
    1. The Best Thing In My Life Is You
    2. Your Love is Gone Like a Summer Rain
    3. Don't Know What Genre I Am
  2. Know Yourself Part
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