Bruce W Nunnally

American Folk

Texas Songwriter Bruce Nunnally writes modern American folk & blues songs about life, love, and truth. 

"Know Yourself Part 4" is a 3-song release planned for August 2021.


Album details

Know Yourself Part 4 is a 3-song single to be released on June 18, 2021.

  • You Have Wings
  • Be Still & Know That I am God
  • Diana Want $50

Song Stories

You Have Wings -- An uplifting song.  Wings don't always look like big feathery appendages.  Sometimes wings look like hope, like love, like gratitude.  You have wings, use them to fly.  After the ability to heal, I would like to have wings as a super power;  I think secretly, we all do have wings.  We just don't use them enough -- they are really for lifting up others not ourselves.

Be Still and Know That I am God - When you are in a terrific hurry, as we all seem to be, it is extremely helpful to just be still and know God.  Reference Psalm 46 & 47.    I wrote this song based on an Instagram post about the Psalm.

Diana Want $50 - Song promoters are attracted to new musicians like moths to a free lunch.   I wrote this song as a composite of several music promoters I have interacted with along the way.


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